The Grand Narrative

by Heath Hollensbe

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released February 21, 2012

Produced and Mixed By Keith Harris
Songs written by Heath Hollensbe
Mastered by Dave McNair at Sterling Sound
Musicians: Heath Hollensbe, Keith Harris, Aaron Chafin, Carl Casperson, Brent Milligan



all rights reserved


Heath Hollensbe Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Hovering
Track Name: Creation
Timeless King
Over a formless earth

At Your command
Light began
And You saw it was good 

And with every word you gave 
Each molecule obeyed
The same is true today

Sole creator
Of all of nature
You made all things good

the next six days you were the mastermind
of life and beauty of every kind
and you were pleased with what you made
the sum of your beauty on display
Just before You stopped to rest
You created man in excellence 
and in Your image, we were made

You breathed Your breath and gave us life
And seeing good, we're satisfied 
Cause you made all things beautiful

And still all things obey 
And live within Your mandates
Everything yields to Your command

From every single star
To every hardened heart
You have not lost control

From the simple things that children recognize
To the mysteries that confound bright minds
Of all the things things that are still to be uncovered 
And the many things that will never be discovered 

You're the brilliant Imagination
That authored all of creation
God of all creativity
Forever absorbing the glory 
Track Name: Failure
Look what’s happened to me
It’s apparent the story has changed
In an instant my innocence has vanished
I’ve been expelled from paradise

There’s a fatal flaw in my nature
And now I’m a guilty man
I’m an enemy of the Creator
For I have blatantly disobeyed him

I have irritated God. And I have defamed His glory
I’ve tried to dethrone the Almighty King and take His place

I sin because I am corrupt 
I’m lethargic because my heart is depraved
And it’s at the very core of who I am
Not based on decisions I’ve made

I have cheated on the one who had loved me
I sold my soul at the very first chance that I had
Now I carry God’s image no more

Everything He made beautiful
Now just causes me pain
But I have brought it all on myself
And there is nobody else to blame

This was all planned for God’s glory
He’s still controlling His story

Look at what 's become of me
I'm a cespool of humanity
I’ll need a Savior to resuscitate me
Track Name: Atonement
A just and loving God
Sending His only son into a world
That was in love with everything but Him

Yet before the dawn the time
A plan had been designed
To purpose this Son
As a suffering sponge
To absorb the wrath of God

Blameless were his steps
And perfect was His life
Without a sin counted to Him
God still was not satisfied

Faithful to the father’s plan
To die and reconcile man
The Spotless Lamb, Butchered for man
Finally quenched the thirst of God

His bleeding did not save us
His bleeding to death did
But if He did not rise again
We’d still be dead in our sins

He was faithful to the cross
And He’s forever faithful now to us
We can confidently rest
Knowing that His promises are true
The rightful King will be restored
And everything that’s spoiled will be renewed
Track Name: Covenant
The day will soon be here
When the roar of rushing waters
And crash of deafening thunder fill the air
And we’ll become a bride 
Whose completely satisfied 
In our lover, forever

He came into this world to take a wife
And He has proved it with the cost of His own life
He’s coming back to take us, but til then
He's faithfully at work making us beautiful for Him

Oh bride, don’t focus on Your scars
He’s coming for our hearts
And He’s forever ours
And now because of what He’s done
We can guarantee, a faithful bride we’ll be
For all eternity

He'll return to us and say “Come, Faithful Bride
I am Yours and I will never leave Your side”
And for the scope of all eternity we’ll see
On earth how easily and simply we were pleased

He wont leave His bride alone
He'll find us beautiful again
This was the reason we were made
This is our wedding day
Track Name: Re-Creation
John Piper Quote: "The gospel is the rock of our solid assurance of the hope of the new heavens and the new earth. We will be raised, our bodies will be redeemed, the gospel of Christ crucified, providing pardon, providing righteousness, vindicating this by resurrection. All of that is true. it's just not the main thing. I'm concerned that we stop the message there and leave people with a sense that what the gospel does for them is get them out of hell, relieve them of their guilt, clothe them with a righteousness that lets them have relief in heaven forever, but they don't crave Christ. The ultimate good of the gospel is God Himself, beheld in the glory of His crucified and risen Son, enjoyed because of his infinite beauty, treasured because of his infinite worth, and reflected because we are being conformed to the image of His son. Christ suffered once, the righteous for the unrighteousness, that he might bring us to God. There is no end after that. The ultimate reason there is a new heavens and a new earth is because the risen Christ will never lay down His human body, but keep it as an everlasting emblem of Calvary where the glory of God's grace was displayed most fully. The whole material universe was created in the first place and then given new form so that the Son of God could be incarnate, could suffer, could be crucified, could rise from the dead, could reign as the God- man, could be surrounded by a countless host of redeemed people with glorified bodies who will sing with these glorified lips, and who will love each other with glorified hands, and will play with glorified bodies, to the glory of God. Because evidentially in God's scheme of things to have created mere-spirits would not display all of His manifold, kaleidoscopic glory as well as if there had been a physical universe where the son of God would physically be slaughtered."

We will join with countless saints
And forever gladly repeat this refrain:

Praise to the slaughtered Son
Your blood has ransomed us
Worthy of praise forever
Are You, our endless treasure

And as far as we can see
There are saints in white robes worshipping

Every nation, people, tongue and race
Are represented in the crowd that's on their face

And we'll live in a city with no evil, no night
For the glory of God will shine as our light

And the Lord and the Lamb will forever be worshipped
And things will be restored to the way they were purposed